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Recruiting top talent has become increasingly difficult in today’s economy with unemployment rates hovering around a national average of 4%. As an employer, you may be tempted to breathe a sigh of relief when you receive a signed offer letter from your candidate. The hard part is done, right? Not exactly. They may have accepted your offer, but you are not done recruiting them yet. You need to hold their interest with an engaging onboarding process. Part of onboarding should include acclimating your new hire to their new team and new position. Here are a few tips to help you network your new employees.

Keep the Communication Going There can be a significant period of time between the day the offer is signed and the employee’s first day of work. You put a lot of time and energy in finding the right candidate and getting them excited about the position. The last thing you want is for the candidate to lose that enthusiasm because communication drops off. Be sure to stay in touch during this ‘waiting’ period so your new recruit knows that you are just as excited about their first day as they are. This is a good time to prepare them for their first day as well. Make sure they know the where to go, who to report to, what to bring, etc. to alleviate any anxiety they may have over starting a new position.

Send an announcement to your current employees This may seem obvious, but if you want your new hire to integrate well with your existing staff, you should be sure to notify your current employees, so they are aware of and prepared for the arrival of their new team member. If you have a shared calendar or office bulletin board, this is a great place to post an announcement about your upcoming hire.

1st Day = Celebrity Status When the big day finally arrives, roll out the red carpet (figuratively) to welcome your new employee. First impressions are lasting, so make it a positive experience! Tour them around the office and make time to personally introduce your new hire to the rest of your staff. No, they are not going to remember everyone’s names, but you helped break the ice for them and their new co-workers, and they will remember that you took the time make them feel welcome. Don’t hide your new hire in a closet with bunch of training videos on their first day. Now is the chance to really engage them in your culture, mission, philosophy, and vision, and let them know what an important part they will play in all those things.

Team Lunch Yes, everyone is busy, but make sure the appropriate team takes your new hire out to lunch on their first day. Besides helping them feel welcomed, this dedicated time in the beginning of their journey will go a long way toward fostering relationships and communication with their new team members. It’s easier to ask a question from someone you’ve swapped travel stories with or discovered went to the same college as you.

Don’t let your hard-won recruiting successes become retention challenges by letting off the gas after the offer letter is signed. Implementing these simple tips will help your new hires get off to a positive start and hopefully mark the beginning of a long tenure at your company.

About Kat Tarver

Kat Tarver is the Director of Human Resources at Foresite Group. With over 10 years of experience in the customer service environment, she is dedicated to providing exceptional professional service to everyone she encounters. Kat is passionate about employee engagement and retention and is committed to helping Foresite Group succeed in these areas.


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