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Have you ever thought about the tools or gadgets you use every day that make your job easier to do, and what you would do if you didn’t have them? We asked our colleagues, “What tools or gadgets do you use to help you get your job done more efficiently and achieve maximum productivity, and you can’t live without?” Here is what they said.

About a year ago, near the start of the pandemic, I started using this Lepow Portable Monitor. It connects to my laptop with one cord (Type-c to Type-c) where it gets both its power and media connection back through my laptop. When collapsed and ready to pack, the portable monitor is the same size as my laptop, but only ½” thick. That makes it easy to carry and bring while I travel. All I need is a reliable internet connection and I work with my laptop + this monitor as my dual-screen setup anywhere I go. It is my favorite tech gadget I’ve ever used in my professional career!

James Marooney, PE, Program Manager

I can’t live without multiple monitors. I’m not sure how we survived all those years with only one! Other tools I can’t live without are wireless earbuds and a standing desk.

Pam Conlon, Vice President of Finance

Common sense. Best tool ever.

Sean Faulkner, Land Development Senior Project Manager

I can’t live without a calculator, clear drafting triangle, scale, or red pens.

David Stoniecki, Land Development Division Director

For me, a silent mouse is a must! I know the constant clicking of my mouse (or listening to someone’s mouse click away on a call) can eventually annoy me. I’ve noticed that it’s less distracting on calls I lead when my mouse isn’t clicking constantly.

Ashley Ball, Broadband Engineering PMO Program Manager

A two feet slope meter is a necessity for our CVS ADA projects. You can move the slope meter anywhere you choose and get an instant reading of what the grading/slope in that area is.

Cody Akers, Project Analyst

Here are some of the tools I can’t live without: Google Earth, GIS, layout table, and engineer’s scale.

Jack Johnson, PE, Senior Project Manager

For collecting field data, broadband engineering uses a range of equipment to collect data very accurately. Our fielders use Trimble units to increase GPS accuracy, so when we place features in our database from the iPad, it shows up exactly where the fielder was standing. This ultimately makes our construction prints much more accurate to the real-world conditions. We also use LiDAR on occasion, a special GPS and camera array mounted to the top of a vehicle or in a mobile backpack that takes pictures and collects very accurate data as you walk or drive down the street. We can then analyze this detailed photo and location data to get heights for attachments on poles, view street conditions, and much more.

Sam Goodwin, Broadband Engineering Production Manager

As a CAD drafter, I receive projects from project managers and set up construction drawings of cell tower site. My job is pretty much repetitive and similar, So I need to organize and track projects in order to maximize my productivity while manage my work efficiently. I came up with excel spreadsheet. Every time I receive a project, I put the information in the spreadsheet. i.e.) project name, tower height, tower type, and project’s folder link. As I receive projects, it creates my own personal data. The advantages in doing this are: 1. I have my own data to search if I am working on a project and looking for CAD details. 2. This reduce a time to access to a project’s folder. I don’t have to open up outlook, search for a project, click a link in email, and open up a project folder. Plus, I organize all emails in project numbers. For examples, all emails related to A Company’s projects goes to sub folder “1000 – A Company.” This is really a personal reference, but I adopted it from my co-worker, and it looks neat when I open up my outlook every morning.

Jae Park, EIT, Wireless Services Project Analyst

About Foresite Group

Foresite Group is a multidisciplinary engineering, planning, and consulting firm providing services to public and private sector clients nationwide. Our team’s collaborative process results in creative products and services that help our clients achieve their goals. Our team takes pride in enhancing and developing the cities and communities where we live, work, and raise our families.


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