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Various areas within the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Maintenance Center experienced heavy runoff and ponding during certain storm events. The Maintenance Center is the epicenter of the Base, and its mission is to repair military equipment in order to get it back into useful service. The Maintenance Center is one of the oldest parts of the Base and has been modified over the years in an unorganized fashion. There are dozens of buildings and hundreds of underground utilities within the complex.

Foresite Group analyzed over 14,000 lf of the existing storm drainage network to identify improvements necessary to mitigate the drainage problems. Our team completed construction documents for the proposed improvements which consisted of over 4,000 lf of new storm drainage infrastructure. Our challenge was finding a route for the new storm drainage improvements that would avoid as much existing infrastructure while keeping the route as short as possible for cost purposes.


Albany, Georgia


Civil Engineering

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