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Foresite Group worked with the City of Lawrenceville for the Park Place Drive neighborhood improvement project. To address the real problem of speeding and high traffic volumes on a one-mile residential road, our engineers developed a number of neighborhood traffic management strategies. The concepts were vetted through a public involvement process and received a positive response from residents, as well as the Mayor and City Council.

The final concept was to add sidewalks on both sides of the road, crosswalks at several local intersections, enhanced lighting, and increased signage. One unique feature proposed is a series of chicanes as traffic calming devices. An added benefit of the project was improving the drainage systems that had failed and flooded a number of properties on Park Place Drive throughout the years. Foresite Group developed the concept plan, conducted the public involvement meetings, and prepared all construction documents for this project.


Lawrenceville, Georgia


Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Traffic Engineering

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