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Foresite Group is working with Sizemore Group to complete the Sugarloaf LCI Study Major Plan Update. Our team is completing the Trail Study that analyzes current and potential sidewalk and trail locations. Foresite Group is also completing the Transportation Study that includes a circulation, multi-modal traffic and parking assessment, considering both local and regional context. For the parking portion, existing parking conditions and patterns were surveyed, existing parking ratios required under current zoning were also evaluated with the goal of establishing a “park once” district throughout the LCI. The boundary for this study is approximately Northlake Drive and Wildwood Road to the north, N. Brown Road and Sugarloaf Parkway to the east, SR 316 on the south, and Northmont Parkway and Meadow Church Road to the west. I-85 at Sugarloaf Parkway define the center of the study area.


Duluth, Georgia


Landscape Architecture
Traffic Engineering

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