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Broadband Engineering
Regional Leader

Thuy is a Broadband Engineering Regional Leader with over 17 years of experience in Broadband Network Design and Management. Thuy currently oversees the Consulting, Design and Permitting teams across multiple projects nationwide. She has managed the City of New Orleans’ Institutional Fiber Network project, as well as a fiber densification project for Verizon. As the manager on the City of New Orleans project, Thuy has delivered a GIS based high level design for the City’s institutional fiber network, technical and strategic assessments, and their business and governance plans. Working on the Verizon fiber densification project,
Thuy oversaw design and permitting while working closely with the client to meet schedule and quality requirements.

Fun Fact: Thuy adopted two cats from the SPCA, Winston and Arya. Winston is missing a leg and Arya is missing a tail.

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