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Under the Georgia Tech Landscape Architecture Task Order Contract, Foresite Group led a team to complete construction documents for the site/roadway design for the 9th Street corridor from Hemphill Street to Greenfield Street at the Georgia Tech campus. Schematic design was completed to review pedestrian access to Center Street Apartments as well as reviewing connection to the future Dalney Parking Deck. Our team completed design documents that included hardscape, landscape, irrigation, lighting, grading, drainage, and erosion control plans. Additional scope later in the project included design modifications to the existing parking lot between the Center Street Apartments and the South GTRI Research Building, the intersection of 9th Street and Greenfield Street, the Greenfield Street corridor from the intersection of 9th Street to 10th Street, and trail along 10th Street from Greenfield to the chiller plant. Additional scope includes schematic design of what the parking lot area could become in another phase (greenspace, recreation space, etc.) while maintaining vehicular access for move in/out days, fire truck access, and trash collection.


Atlanta, Georgia


Landscape Architecture

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