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Verizon is working on delivering the next generation PON Network capable of 5G connectivity to their consumers. With a partner, Foresite Group worked in several cities to deliver a turn-key fiber-optic network that meets Verizon’s goal. Such a large project requires several groups of experienced managers and designers. When creating the high-level design for each network, our designers take into consideration local permitting guidelines, GIS Data, and cost analysis of each designing decision in order to deliver Verizon not only an efficient network but a cost-effective one as well. Utilizing the most up-to-date and client friendly GIS and CAD-based platforms, designers and permitting specialists create construction drawings that meet both the rigorous standards of the NESC and the area permitting agencies. Quality control checks that sound engineering and safety guidelines are adhered to while real-time trackers keep both our partner and Verizon up-to-date on every detail of the project.




Broadband Engineering
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