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Huntsville Utilities (HU) is building out a fiber infrastructure network to all properties within the City limits of Huntsville, Alabama. HU has designated fibers for their own use and “smart city” applications while leasing a portion to Google Fiber. Google will be providing the data content for all residents and businesses as a service provider. This network will be owned and operated by the City and act as another utility revenue stream in conjunction with their city owned electricity, water and gas services. This model of fiber network deployment allows for the local residents to obtain gigabyte connectivity in areas not otherwise provided at a faster rate due to the City utility building the infrastructure and an anchor tenant providing service. Our team worked with The Broadband Group, who managed the construction and operation of the network.

Foresite Group is working with Huntsville Utilities to complete the design, engineering and construction support through the life of the project. Our design team is working with partners through the entire work flow including: Preliminary (Indicative Design), Construction Ride Out (CRO), Detailed Design, Construction Package Creation, Construction Support, As-Built Posting and Network Turnover. Foresite Group is also consulting with Huntsville Utilities and other stakeholders on the implementation of “smart city” applications and other innovative use cases. Our team is also working with Google Fiber to establish and define the data dictionary requirements for proper network database turnover.


Huntsville, Alabama


Broadband Engineering

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