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Foresite Group is working in coordination with our client, AT&T, to not only produce deliverables against a compressed timeline, but also to improve and innovate the procedures to step through each sequence of this FTTH program. Though we are required to make deliveries in AT&T’s proprietary database on programs, we are able to perform the majority of our work in our own GIS database, incorporating other tools and technologies into the process. Foresite Group is taking the prudent steps anticipating the future need to provide a comprehensive delivery of a complete and geospatially accurate network map of AT&T’s fiber optic based broadband network.

In addition to traditional methods of field data collection, Foresite Group has spear-headed the
incorporation of LiDAR as a means of expediting the collection and coordination of field notes. By working with equipment vendors, service providers, and software developers outside of AT&T’s proprietary databases, we are innovating the process by which design may be performed in the future, applicable to fiber optic networks, but also and GIS based networks architectures. The end result of this project serves 1 GBPS service to single family units, duplexes, triplexes, quadraplexes, multi-dwelling units, small and large business units, government buildings, and churches.




Broadband Engineering

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