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Located at the corner of 14th Street and Howell Mill Road, White Provision stands out among a sea of aged buildings in West Midtown. The original building opened in Atlanta in 1910 as the south’s first modern meatpacking plant. Since initial redevelopment of this five-story building began in 2009, White Provision has transformed into a mixed use complex hosting Atlanta’s premier boutiques, restaurants, office spaces, and condominiums. A pedestrian bridge connects White Provision to Westside Urban Market to form the Westside Provisions District.

Foresite Group worked with multiple clients to complete structural analyses for various units within Westside Provisions District. Work includes assessing various tenant fit-out and modification needs in the existing structure, analyzing the structure for new occupancy requirements, designing the interior renovation of one large unit into three separate units, replacing an exterior stairwell, structural remediation throughout the entire building, and repairing the existing structure as necessary. In addition to this ongoing renovation work, Foresite Group also held an on-call structural services contract with HWKN for the design phase of a unit located on the northern end of White Provision District.


Atlanta, Georgia


Structural Engineering

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