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When SiO2 Materials Science secured a $143 million federal contract to accelerate the company’s production of packaging for storing COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, the company needed to dramatically increase their facilities quickly. Foresite Group provided civil engineering services for three separate projects, under two separate contractors, in support of this effort.

The first project was a 35,000sf expansion to the existing 37,000sf building. A 58 space parking lot expansion was also included in this scope. The second project was a 67,000sf new building with parking lot on the same site. This would serve as the SiO2 manufacturing facility. Finally, the third project supported the 220 new jobs SiO2 added as a result of its contract by expanding its existing parking lot on another campus by 60 spaces.

Understanding how critical this project was to the community’s well being, all teams operated on a very tight schedule. Foresite Group completed all three projects in just 75 days.


Auburn, Alabama


Civil Engineering

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