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The main purpose of this project at Cliff Valley School, a private school in the City of Atlanta, was to relocate its existing driveway to line up with Black Fox Road across the street. The school was experiencing issues with cars turning left out of their parking lot, backing up carpool and causing accidents. In order to line up the driveways, Cliff Valley purchased three adjacent residential parcels and decided to expand their parking with the additional land.

Foresite Group developed a conceptual plan that designed a parking lot within existing trees with as little land disturbance as possible. Native trees and plants were specified as well as a raingarden and pervious concrete for the parking lot. All the items proposed contributed to the sustainable outlook of the school. A traffic study and decel lane along Clairmont Road, in addition to right and left turn lanes, were included within this scope. There were several meetings and presentations conducted with DeKalb County, as well as adjacent neighborhoods, to alleviate concerns of the development.


Atlanta, Georgia


Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Traffic Engineering

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